Morris Museum NJ Wedding Photographer | Angela + Dan

Angela & Dan officially kicked off our 2017 wedding season on a pretty perfect Saturday in early April. It was sunny and warm and one of the first nice weekends of the spring. 

These two met at a baseball game in Baltimore when they were seated in the row in front of one another and the rest is history. They've been engaged for around 3 years and to say they were so happy to be marrying each other would be an understatement.  They were both so excited that their big day was finally here and so were we!

Joe met up with Dan at their apartment in Hoboken and I headed down to Angela's parent's place in Belmar. After everyone finished getting ready we all made our way to the church in Bound Brook where Dan finally was able to see his beautiful bride! After the ceremony the bridal party hopped into cool vintage NYC cab and we all made a quick stop at the school where Angela and her Maid of Honor, Katie met (and got into all sorts of trouble). We had some fun tossing Angela's dress around and borrowing sunglasses before we hopped back into our cars to drive up the reception. 

This was not my first time at the Morris Museum & I was so happy to be back - its such a cool place to shoot and I knew we were going to have a fun afternoon. From brick walls, to beautiful light spilling through the trees out front and so many fun exhibits made for an incredible location. Not to mention, one of our favorite caterers, Encore Catering was in charge of keeping everyone well fed for the night. 

Once cocktail hour was over, everyone made their way into the large reception space to witness one of my favorite things I've seen at a wedding....Angela & Dan had a really hard time deciding between 2 songs for their first dance. They love to gamble and are firm believers in fate, so they told their DJ to surprise them! I was so excited to find out which song he would play and I bet you Angela & Dan were even more excited. When  "Tighter, Tighter by Alive & Kicking started to play you could tell right away that it was Dan's choice. This resulted in some perfect reactions from both of them. Seriously one of my favorite wedding moments ever.

We asked Angela after the wedding what her choice for a 1st dance song would have been (Hey There Delilah) because we have a little surprise of our own up our sleeves... (click play on the slideshow below)

To Angela & Dan - we could not be happier to start our 2017 wedding season off with you two. You both trusted us completely to capture all of the important moments, to keep your day running smoothly and steal you away from the inevitable craziness of a wedding day for a few photos and a quiet minute alone. We truly enjoyed spending April 8th with you and are so happy that you felt our calm! We wish you nothing but love and happiness in your future as a married couple and we cannot wait to hear all about Australia!!