Waterloo Village Byram NJ Wedding Photographer | Alysha + Brett

If I could design a perfect weather day this day would have been IT. Sunny yet breezy, warm, yet chilly at night. I love how unpredictable October is, not to mention this LIGHT - it looked like California right in our own backyard!

Waterloo Village has been on our shooting bucket list for a while now, mainly because it was a Class Trip destination in elementary school for every kid that grew up in this area & I always had so much fun every time we came here. Now I love it for a totally different reason, but I still love it nonetheless and was so excited when they chose Waterloo as their venue.

Alysha & Brett’s wedding was basically a decade in the making. These cuties have been together for a long time & their love is so incredibly deep. They laughed pretty much all day long. Alysha was one of the most easy-going bride’s I’ve ever worked with & Brett didn’t even hint at being nervous. This day was truly worth the wait.

This was a pretty perfect way to end our 2016 wedding season.