Fort Tryon NYC Engagement Photographer | Michele + Alex

Where do I even begin with this shoot? 

I'm just going to blurt out all of the things that are coming to mind when I think about our afternoon with Michele & Alex...

Chemistry, sweethearts, good looking, fun, tiny dogs, oasis in the city, impressive walking in heels, humidity, easy, cheesy smiles, treat yourself, fish tacos, cheers. 

Basically this shoot was a good time. Michele & I really hit it off in our initial meeting & it was like hanging out with a new friend in the city for an afternoon. Joe & Alex made fun of us for talking about our hair and then they hit it off over commonly making fun of their girls and some nerdy books. We LOVED exploring Fort Tryon in NYC with them and we REALLY LOVED ending the shoot at a bar where we shared a few beers, cheesy french fries and fish tacos. 

Easy, fun & delicious...truly my kind of Sunday afternoon.