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Wow this is pretty cool”!

- Aunt Linda from a wedding we did 3 years ago


Like Aunt Linda said, our photo booth is pretty cool. There is no enclosure so its part performance art featuring your guests, plus it can fit a TON of people at once.

This picture on the of the white umbrella on a stand is our entire photo booth. Sleek + sexy isn’t she? You get to choose from our selection of cool backdrops, you can build one yourself, you can use a cool wall at your venue, or you can chat with us about building/creating a custom option for an up-charge.


Every photo booth we book comes with an attendant, that we like to call your “Photo Booth Wizard”. He or she will set it up before your reception, explain how it works to your guests, and they will be wearing a shimmery cape like a wizard. This started as joke and its kinda stuck because its hilarious and your guests will think its extra fun.


This baby is equipped with professional grade camera and lighting so gone are the days of crappy, poorly-lit photo strips. Our booth will take 4 high quality photos that create a collage for you. Then you can step over to our iPad and send the photo directly to yourself via text, email or share right to social media!

But wait, there’s more! Our photo booth immediately generates animated GIFs as soon as you’re done posing for your 4 photos. You won’t find any of that with a tiny, old photo booth.

Kamp Weddings-1.jpg

We have an ever-growing collection of the weirdest props we can find that will leave your guests laughing until they cry, especially as the night goes on and the drinks are consumed.

You also get the ENTIRE gallery to look through forever so you can make fun of your cousin’s closed eyes in every photo he’s in at all family gatherings from now on.


Ready to impress your Aunt Linda? To book our booth or just have a question? Get in touch HERE.


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