So, what is an Associate Photographer?

An associate photographer is a photographer who is part of the Kamp Weddings team, has been trained by Amanda & Joe, and has worked with Kamp Weddings for several years as a 2nd photographer. We only hire the absolute best photographers in the area to 2nd shoot for us and are even more selective when it comes to our associates. We have worked super hard to build this little business of ours and only have photographers we trust 110% to photograph your wedding as well (or better!) than we can on our team.

Our Associate photographers are available to shoot weddings when we are already booked on a particular date or they can simply be a less expensive alternative to Amanda + Joe when you’re working with a more modest photography budget. Associate photographers shoot similarly to Amanda & Joe, have worked with us countless times before and like us, believe that all weddings should be 100% fun with no stress. If you have an associate photographer at your wedding, you will receive the exact same treatment and have just as amazing an experience as you would with Amanda & Joe but at a slightly lower price point. Additionally, Amanda & Joe personally edit all of the photos that come through Kamp Weddings, no matter who shoots them. 




Joey joined the Kamp Weddings team for our VERY FIRST WEDDING and began shooting his own weddings for us during the 2018 season. 

Joey is not only extremely talented, wildly experienced (he's definitely shot more weddings than us at this point!) & one of our dearest friends, but he is a true extension of us. He has the same vision and is ridiculously creative and we trust him with everything we've built.

Or maybe Amanda just has a serious thing for bearded guys named Joe...

Meet our Associate, Joey


Proud puppy parent

Recovering Cheese Addict

Master Pokemon Trainer

Loyal Amazon Prime Member

Continual Joker

Lover of having dinner cooked for him