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we wanna know WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT TO You

We are a collective of wedding artists - photographers + filmmakers that want to document the way your wedding feels, not just how it looks. We get to know you, we strive to understand your “why” and capture the things that are most important to you. We ask every one of our couples to create a “Top 10 Wedding Takeaway” list of the things + feelings they want to walk away from their wedding experience with. This not only helps us to understand what matters most to you both, but it also helps you and your partner stay focused on your priorities throughout the planning process.

Oh, and we're definitely going to get down with you on the dance floor.

You ready?!? Us too.

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Want to get a quick idea of what we do?? Watch one of our Wedding Story Videos - a totally custom slideshow of all of our favorite photos from your wedding set to a song that we feel encapsulates the feeling of your day. No boring fade outs, just a super cool and totally personal way to relive the entire story of your wedding day in 3-5 minutes. 






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Our thing over here is to get all of our couples thinking about their Top 10 takeaways they’d like to have when their wedding is over. It helps you focus on what’s most important to you both as a couple and helps us get to know what your top priorities are for this entire experience. Then we focus on that.


What are your top 10?


  1. To maximize the time we spend with our guests (we’re having a weekend-long celebration, complete with a Talent Show the night before our wedding!).

  2. To laugh until our bellies hurt..

  3. To get my dress dirty

  4. To eat amazing food all weekend long.

  5. To dance until we’re sweaty.

  6. To do things our way. (we don’t like cake, so we’re not cutting a cake!)

  7. To hug as many people as we can that weekend.

  8. To look fly as hell.

  9. For our feet to feel good at the end of the night (no heels for me, we’re BOTH wearing boots!)

  10. To soak it all in as best as we can. Be grateful, be present and enjoy every second!




We get it. Weddings are expensive. Trust us when we tell you that most of that cost is warranted when you hire amazing people to make such an important day run smoothly, who align with your vision + priorities and especially when you’re helping out a small business. But we make it a point to redirect a little slice of the money you’re spending with us to charities and causes that we truly believe in.

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1% for the planet

We are BIG environmental supporters and love spending time outdoors. We try to reduce our carbon footprint and do our part to keep our planet clean and safe. Every year we donate 1% of total sales to local environmental charities as well as work with them on a pro bono basis for photo + video needs and on a volunteer basis.

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Pro-bono work

Each year, we select a charity to work directly with creating photos and videos to help spread the word of their mission and work.

Have a charity that could use free photos and or videos - let us know about it!