Welcome to Kamp!


We are Joey & Amanda. A couple of photographers who are also a couple, that love to take photos of other couples. Our birthdays are exactly 4 months apart to the day. If we were each a season, Amanda would be Fall & Joe would be winter.

We met shooting a wedding & fell hard. Amanda swooned over Joe’s T-rex dance moves, & Joe was so distracted by her on the drive up that he forgot to get gas. 

We live together in a small green cabin in a lake town in Northern NJ. We are proud puppy parents of our little wild animal, Parker. She loves every single person she meets (or sees in the distance) and hates squirrels.

On our day off you will probably find us hiking in the woods, taking our kayaks out on the lake we live at, sitting in our yard while Parker chomps at bugs, perusing through thrift shops or hopping in the car to check out a cool town we’ve never been to. And we are almost always planning our next adventure.

Kamp comes from our love of the outdoors & adventure & the mis-spelling comes from our attempt at being clever...Joe’s last name is Vellekamp. See what we did there?