Best of 2016

What an exciting year. We spent so much of our time working on building a solid foundation for the years to come, curating our brand and fine-tuning our editing style, not to mention navigating the whole working with your significant other thing. It’s been a crazy year filled with ups, downs, learning, laughing, long hours, working HARD, making mistakes (hello wrong number on a batch of business cards) and some serious self discovery.

Nothing I have ever experienced really compares to running such a personal business. We both put so much of ourselves into our work & it can be totally emotionally draining at times, but we seriously wouldn’t trade it for anything.

We were so lucky to have worked with so many amazing couples, who we now consider our friends. It really is so cool that we are able to attract so many like minded people and be able to get to know them as part of our job.

I’ve been sitting here looking through our favorite images from 2016 and re-watching our videos & slideshows and I am just so filled with gratitude. Gratitude for the couples who trusted us with capturing such an incredible day in their lives, gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside my best friend and gratitude for the ability to live every single day of my life exactly how I want.

We shot weddings in our hometown, we spent a weekend at a brewery, we even shot at a place where we both had a school field trip growing up and we had so much fun at every single one. And I haven’t even touched on the fun we’ve had on engagement shoots this year. From NYC to the theater at Montclair State, we ate ice cream, drank a beer, spent the day in Boston and we even squeezed one in while on vacation in Cape Cod. Top that off with a proposal & I’d say that it’s been a pretty incredible year for Joe & I. We are beyond grateful for each and every one of our clients & are so very excited for 2017.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your love & support.
-Amanda & Joe