Meet Lilly of Strange Vine Floral Design - NJ's newest Modern Floral Designer

I have known Lilly for more than half my life. She has always been my go-to for style advice (fashion AND home decor) and we have always dreamed about having our own businesses for as long as I can remember. So when she told me that she was starting Strange Vine Floral Design,  I was so excited that we could work right along side one another!

Lilly has been in the catering industry as an Event Planner for over a decade and she has always loved the creative end of things. As the years went by, she really started getting more involved with the event design, specifically floral design. It was a pretty perfect fit for her and when the time was right, it was an obvious decision to start Strange Vine Floral Design. 

I always like to ask other creatives where their inspiration comes from, and for Lilly a lot of it comes from fashion & home decor (makes sense that she's my go to for advice on those topics). More specifically she's always been drawn to anything from the 60s and 70s. 

I also have to know what their favorite part of being their own boss is (mine is not having to start work at a set time everyday, because somedays I'm sleepier than others). Lilly loves the creative control. She also has a TON of ideas and really loves having the freedom to act on them to create her own image. Our shoot was a perfect example of her vision. She's so hands on every step of the way and ensures everything she touches is something she's proud of.  Plus, we always love working with someone who knows exactly what they want - it helps us stretch creatively with new light and poses and fashion choices. We seriously dig our photos from that day. 

It's never easy to describe your style in a few words, especially when its always evolving, but Lilly pretty much nailed it: Wild, but also clean. Foraged and nothing too overdone. Feminine, yet gritty. I feel like this describes my actual life and certainly my taste in floral. She really is my style guru. 

As far as her advice for Brides on florals for their wedding: Make it personal. She's doing a wedding this summer for a couple who is really into local art so she's collaborating with a local glassblower to create custom glass pendants that will be used in the boutonnieres. So original!

Lilly is pretty much the coolest, she's even offered to give $100 OFF to anyone who books with her now through March 31st for their 2017 wedding. You just need to "Like" Strange Vine Floral Design & Kamp Weddings on Facebook & tell her I sent you!

Thanks again to all of the incredibly talented ladies who helped make this shoot happen. Hair - @stefaniediazhair MUA - @carlydeangelis & our seriously gorgeous models, Lauren, Kelly, Melissa & Aditi. 

Keep it personal, wild, clean, stylish, feminine and gritty ya'll.