Phonecia Flea @ Mount Tremper Arts

Yesterday we took a trip up to one of our favorite places to shoot, Mount Tremper Arts, to check out Phoenicia Flea: a collection of carefully curated makers and products local to the Catskills and the Hudson Valley and the surrounding areas. Our love of the Catskills and my love of bespoke handmade goods meant we had to make the trip. 

Beyond all of the incredible goods, we were able to meet so many talented and friendly people. We barely made it past the first 2 booths after striking up conversations with Chris from The Ship and the Whale Coffee Roaster and Dan from White Pike Whiskey. Both drinks being a staple in our house, both companies offering perfectly delicious versions, both owners so easy to talk to. 

When we finally started to make our way through the flea, I had a pretty hard time deciding how much I could afford to buy here. I started small with a cute little note card from Paper Wolf Design. I bought a new zipper pouch for my makeup from Silke Jacobs and a new throw (that could double as a scarf) from Linden and Lee made of sustainable bamboo fabric that now sits perfectly on the edge of our bed. 

We got to meet Paul from Sweet Paul Magazine who (in addition to being super friendly) has built an incredible line of food and lifestyle publications.  I seriously can't wait to dig into the summer issue we picked up while we're in Maine next week. 

I was really excited when we got to meet Denny from Escape Brooklyn as I've been following along on his and his wife's adventures on Instagram for a while. I love weekend getaways and it was so cool to talk to him about how they got started and his love of Upstate. 

All of this, less than 2 hours from home. 

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